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PhotoVoice methods and process

For each community empowerment takes a different shape.  PhotoVoice methodology is rooted in both socially engaged photography and community and international development with a focus on empowering participants to inform others and to be actively involved in decisions that affect their own lives and their community’s development.

PhotoVoice projects work to provide a platform for marginalised communities by enabling them to represent themselves to audiences, to tell their own stories and put forward their points of view by presenting the world as they see it.  In doing so, organisations and communities gain tools and opportunities to push for social change and to create knowledge, understanding and imagery about the issues that are affecting them.  In a world where often a single point of view or story dominates enabling communities to speak and be heard and seen, creates alternatives to mainstream and professional perspectives and imagery.

PhotoVoice uses participatory methods to work with beneficiaries and partners to provide tools for advocacy and create and support a process where participants define and communicate their issues and concerns using photography and digital media.

Why Photography?

This is one of the most common questions PhotoVoice is asked. The reasons are:

PhotoVoice Project Process

Despite the different shapesforms projects take, PhotoVoice’s projects follow a core process that can be broken down into the following phases:

The process does not always take place in the linear fashion as outlined.  There are variations, for example projects may include a process which involves an ongoing process of creating and sharing images in order to facilitate and enable a dialogical process between different participants.