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Methodology Series

PhotoVoice is committed to promoting and supporting the use of participatory photography as a tool for social change. Our range of practitioner guides and project case studies offer valuable information, advice and good practice guidelines to individuals and organisations using participatory photography with a range of marginalised and vulnerable groups, and are available to access free online.

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We recommend as a starting point reading our Statement of Ethical Practice, outlining the considerations and good practice guidelines that apply to any participatory photography work. This document has been condensed from over 10 years of experience running participatory photography projects with marginalised and vulnerable communities in the UK and across the world.

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Able Voices: Participatory photography as a tool for inclusion
able voices methodology

This resource is intended to provide practical and ethical guidelines for anyone wishing to ensure that their photography workshops are inclusive, whether they are working exclusively with disabled students or with mixed ability groups. The advice and case studies presented here are collected from over 10 years of projects run by PhotoVoice with a range of specialist partner organisations. We have endeavoured to draw down core principles that can be applied in all projects, and separately demonstrate through specific examples how these may work in practice. The design and production of this resource has been funded by the international charity World Vision as part of the Able Voices project, working with young people with differing requirements for inclusion.

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See it Our Way: participatory photography for advocacy

See it Our Way: Participatory photography as a tool for advocacy

This resource is designed to introduce organisations and individuals who advocate on behalf of marginalised or issue-affected communities to an effective tool for involving their beneficiaries in the development and implementation of effective advocacy campaigns. The development of this resource has been funded by the international charity World Vision as part of the See it Our Way project.

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Photography for Integration: Photography with young refugees

Photography for integrationPhotography for Integration offers ideas and advice for groups looking to use photography as a tool to support and enable the integration of young refugees. The CD and accompanying booklet contain practical guidelines and advice on how to use photography as a tool to help young people build new lives in the UK, make friends, gain confidence and feel valued, learn the language, reflect safely on their lives and experiences, gain new skills, communicate and express themselves.

Photography for Integration is for project managers, youth workers, arts practitioners, teachers, community workers, photographers and anyone else working with young refugees. It is based on PhotoVoice’s work with young refugees over the past six years.

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Change the Picture Resource CD-ROMChange the Picture: Photography with vulnerable women

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This publication and CD-Rom documents Change the Picture, a participatory photography project with vulnerable women in London, and it brings together learning, reflection on practice and images and writing by the women who participated in the project.

This resource includes thoughts on ethical practice when dealing with vulnerable women, as well as recommendations and best practice guidelines for project process and outputs.

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Therapeutic Photography Resource CD-ROMTherapeutic Photography: Photography as a tool for promoting well being

This resource provides information and shares learning and ideas on the use of photography as a tool for the support of people that experience mental distress. The focus is on the potential of photographic workshops to provide those living with mental illness with opportunities for personal development, enjoyment and creative expression, being with new people, learning new skills and developing confidence and self-esteem. The potential when working with therapeutic photography lies not only in how we can use the camera to know ourselves better and to represent our impressions and experiences to each other, but also in the benefits it offers when people come together to learn new skills and offer each other support and appreciation. It is intended as a resource for arts practitioners, photographers, support workers and mental health service providers and users who are interested in using photography and initiating photography projects. It is the culmination of over ten years of experience of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, together with the learning from two projects run jointly by PhotoVoice and disability charity United Response. It brings together project cases studies with frameworks and ideas for running your own project and aims to present an introductory overview of therapeutic photography methods.

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Sensory Photography Methodology Resource CD-ROMSensory Photography: Photography for blind and visually impaired people

This resource is based upon the expertise and experience of Mexican NGO Ojos que Sienten A.C / Sight of Emotion and UK-based international Charity PhotoVoice, with specific reference to two projects, Beyond Sight and Sights Unseen, run in partnership between the two organisations.

This resource is intended to provide an understanding of the concept of sensory photography, and some of the methods and techniques required to enable visually impaired and blind people to use photography as a tool of communication, self-expression and advocacy.

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