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TPA Bursary Scheme 2011 - 2012

Location: UK

Keywords: Young People

Project Background

• Location: London
• Funder: The Photographic Angle (TPA)
• Project Manager: Clare Struthers
• Project Support: Matt Daw, Ingrid Guyon

TPA LOGO 2PhotoVoice runs a bursary scheme to support photographers trained through our projects to continue developing their photographic skills and explore opportunities for work placements and further study and we are thrilled that the fantastic charity The Photographic Angle generously supported six PhotoVoice project participants from our Lookout London project, throughout 2011-2012.

Bianca Tennant, 18
Nathaniel Williams, 18
Victoria Omobuwajo, 18
Sansha Edwin, 18
Venesha Cunningham, 23

All of the recipients were living in Chapter 1 supported housing schemes and had previously taken part in the Lookout London PhotoVoice project, exploring youth perspectives on gang and knife crime.

After a discussion with each participant about the type of photography project they’d like to develop, together we devised a schedule of workshops in a range of different photographic practices to help them achieve their goals.

Bianca Bursary Page 200“The workshops were great, because when we were given the cameras I didn’t really know what to do with it, so without them I wouldn’t have used the cameras so much as I do now. I normally use it on special occasions like parties etc, I am learning how to use it more often now. The helped me in finding my own style, especially when it came to the holidays when young people don’t often have much to do, some people wouldn’t really think that photography is for them, but once you get in to it, you begin to realise how interesting you find it and all the different things you can find from it, like your own style.” –Bianca Tennant

Each participant was given a Canon 1000D SLR camera, with a memory card, card reader and camera case, along with a laptop in order to be able to complete their personal projects at the initial weekend workshop organised for them, which introduced them to the basics of using an SLR camera, as most of them had never had the opportunity to use one before.

“The workshop we did with Ingrid was really helpful in terms of getting to know how to use the camera, it was good to be able to read through the notes she gave us and practice to learn how to use it properly.” - Victoria Omobuwajo

After the initial workshop, another 3 workshops were organised, in studio photography, a photojournalism outshoot covering the London Marathon, where the images taken were used in an online article published in the youth publication LIVE magazine, and a final one in photo editing techniques.

They were all given the summer, supported by personal mentoring sessions with PhotoVoice to complete their personal projects.

“I would say the bursary scheme has kept us motivated, thinking, always on the go as well so we don’t get bored, so we’ve had that mentality that we have to keep moving, keep stepping forward. It’s given us something to do.” Bianca Tennant

Project photo gallery

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Meet the Photographers

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Project Outputs

The TPA will be touring an exhibition including the Bursary scheme work in 2013 and we are also organising a separate exhibition in January 2013 in London – so watch this space for further details and an invite!

Additional Outcomes:
PhotoVoice passed on other creative opportunities that arose for the bursary participants to get involved in, including:
• BBC Community Reporters Scheme - A diverse team learning to work together and make two documentaries that aired on BBC Radio 1 and BBC1XTRA – Nathaniel Williams & Victoria Omobuwajo
“I gained new skills and learned to use new software with complex equipment. I also met new people who all had experience from diverse platforms.”  - Nathaniel Williams
• Princes Trust Team Programme course, that gives you practical skills, new friends, self-belief, help with getting a job, and lots more – Bianca Tennant
• Getting involved with LIVE magazine (a youth run publication) as a photographer – Bianca Tennant & Sansha Edwin
• Paid photography work for a Chapter 1 football event in Manchester – Nathaniel Williams & Bianca Tennant
“I went up to Manchester with Bianca to shoot a football tournament of Chapter 1 residents playing football. Here we took many photos to showcase the day, it was a new experience and I loved the challenge.” – Nathaniel Williams
• Paid peer facilitating on PhotoVoice’s Lookout UK project –Bianca Tennant, Victoria Omobuwajo, Venesha Cunningham & Sansha Edwin
• All of the participants have also moved out of supported housing and into their own accommodation over the course of the scheme – everyone at PhotoVoice wishes them the best of luck for the future!!

Further project info

TPA have already collaborated with PhotoVoice for the Voices exhibition (see the pictures below) that showcased work from a range of recent PhotoVoice projects and took the photographs into public spaces and unusual venues. This new partnership marks the next phase of a relationship we hope to build upon over the years to come.

Voices Exhibition in Birmingham