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Eyes of Youth - Kurbin, Albania (2011)

Meet the Photographers

“You can tell more with a photo than words can ever express. A photo speaks to your heart and in my opinion it is the best way to advocate. Through my photos I want to transmit the message that the children in my community need to be cared for. Many of these children have to work to support their families, who live in poverty. They also don’t have safe and clean environments where they can play and just be children.”
Xhentila, 18

“All of the three themes that we have explored to make a child’s life better are related. Because of low economic status of their family, children have to work to support their families, while their basic rights of education and enjoying their childhood are violated. Not only that, but these children risk a lot while working, even their lives when they work in the street.” Rudina, 17

“The way that this project has changed me in indescribable. I am more sensitive to the children’s problems. I would like to make a change, but alone I can never do it. If we all try to change these children’s world, we could make their wishes a reality. If all of us participants of this project talked to our parents and community about what we learned, we can bring some change and advocate in a small scale. We want to tell our peers during the school year about this.” Sonila, 17