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Workshops with nomadic pastoralist children in Somali Region of Ethiopia

Location: Africa and the Middle East, Ethiopia

Keywords: Children, Young People

Project Background

Photo © Cabdi Shaafi Ismaaciil / 2011 / Save the Children / PhotoVoice

“This photo has a lot of important things: so many that we can’t count them. The house we use for shelter - it protects us from the cold, the heat, the sun, the rain, the wind, and dofan (storms). It’s a Somali house made of grass, harars,(woven mats)  and small iron sheets.  This is my house. I sleep there. I also study school subjects and religious lessons. I have a good life here.”

Although access to education in Ethiopia has increased dramatically in recent years, pastoral areas such as the Somali region still have low attendance rates, with girls’ attendance lower still. We’ve been working with Save the Children UK in Ethiopia to develop a body of work that will support SCUK to advocate and understand more fully on the issue of access to education for pastoralist children. The images the young people created will also be used in Somali language reading books, travelling the region in camel libraries.

Twenty young people took part in the project: ten boys and ten girls. The work they created is a fascinating insight into changing pastoral and nomadic life.

The images are in 20 sets - 18 young people completed the project, captioning some of their images. There are also two collective edits of 20 captioned images, one by the boys and one by the girls, that will give you a quick overview of their concerns.





Project photo gallery