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Transforming Cash Transfers, Kenya & Mozambique, 2012-13

Location: Africa and the Middle East, Kenya, Mozambique

Keywords: Adults, Advocacy, Children, Disability, International Development, Older People, Poverty, Research, Young People

Project Background

Cash transfers are small and regular amounts of money paid as a form of social assistance to poor and marginalised members of communities in the developing world, aiming to tackle poverty and inequality. The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has just carried out a DFID-funded study of cash transfer programmes across five countries – Kenya, Mozambique, Palestine (Gaza and West Bank), Uganda and Yemen – finding out about what the people who receive the money think about the programmes and about how they could be improved.

In 2012 PhotoVoice joined forces with the ODI to support some of the beneficiaries of these payments in Kenya and Mozambique to feed back their perspectives and experiences through photography. The workshops culminated in photo stories by the participants that give an insight into their lives and the issues they face, as well as the specific effects of the cash transfers on their lives.
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Exhibitions were held in each community, with events aimed at engaging the wider community in the discussion, sharing with them the work produced by participants, and informing them as to the role and impact of cash transfers.
The photo stories will be showcased in the form of digital stories as ODI publicises the findings of their research programme.

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Project Outputs

24 - 28 April 2013 at Oxo Tower, London

Developing Perspective - an exhibition of photographs and digital stories by participants of workshops in Kenya and Mozambique

Developing Perspecive poster preview

Further project info

Kenya Workshops
Project at work, Kenya, by Lucy Williams

Facilitators: Lucy Williams, Hanna Alder
Support: Samuel Mbuto

Experienced PhotoVoice facilitator, Lucy Williams, travelled to Kenya with the ODI team to run workshops with young people in Kwakavisi (3 hours south of Nairobi) over a two week field trip in August 2012. Lucy was supported in delivering the workshops by ODI’s Hanna Alder. 20 children attended from the local area – 10 in the morning (10-14 year olds) and 10 in the afternoon (14-17 year olds).  All the children who participated have lost one or both parents and many live with carers and extended family. Carers of the children have been receiving money via the national Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme which is funded by a combination of UNICEF, DFID, the World Bank and various government committees and bodies. It didn’t take the children long to get technology savvy and they loved taking the cameras home and documenting their daily lives. Most of the young people made images showing how their lives had changed for the better through they money they had been receiving, and some explored how they felt their lives would be different if they were not benefiting in this way.

The workshops culminated in a big community celebration attended by local dignitaries, the community and family and friends of the participants.  There was singing and dancing, poetry readings and plays. The entire celebration was buzzing.  Local people got a chance to look at the work and leave their feedback.  Everyone was overjoyed to have had such a project and many expressed a wish that there could be more like it in their community.  The participants received a lot of praise from all and were very proud to receive their PhotoVoice certificates!

Mozambique Workshops
Project at work, Mozambique, by Gloria Santos

Facilitators: Matt Daw, Gloria Santos

The workshops in Mozambique were run in September by Projects Manager, Matt Daw, over a short one-week trip. Matt worked with disabled adults in Chokwe, a rural town in the province of Gaza in Mozambique. He was supported in-country by the local research group working with ODI to evaluate the impact of the programme across the community, ANSA, and locally based photographer Gloria Ingles. Six adults with a range of disabilities attended the introductory workshop and were trained to use the cameras and to communicate experiences and messages through photographs. Matt then visited each participant in their home over three days in the community, and supported them to develop their photo story exploring what they felt was important to share about their experience as disabled adults in the community and as recipients of cash transfers. The participants included two wheelchair users, an amputee, a partially deaf man, a man with a neurological condition affecting speech and motor functions, and a blind man. PhotoVoice’s Sensory Photography methodology was used to make photography enjoyable and accessible to all - including the blind participant who was at first intrigued to know how he would be able to take part.

After the workshops ended an event was held at which a selection of photographs was displayed, and the full photo stories were projected with their captions for the participants, community spokespeople and representatives from the local organisation responsible for distributing the cash payments. The experiences of the participants varied enormously and it was interesting to learn how the cash transfer programme affected them in different ways depending on their varying living conditions and support structures.

Bookmark this page and visit the ODI website and Youtube channel to be kept informed of the findings of this research, and to view the digital stories as they are released.