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Street Collection - an online sale of affordable street photography is OPEN!

30 top street photographers have offered limited editions of their best work to raise money for PhotoVoice in an online sale between 11th and 25th April.

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Street Photography has been enjoying an extraordinary renaissance in the last few years with a raft of dedicated publications, festivals, magazines and exhibitions. Now leading practitioners from across the world have come together to offer their work in an online sale to raise money for the charity PhotoVoice.

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The Street Collection includes beautiful, dramatic, comic and moving images that capture the energy and idiosyncrasy of everyday life on streets across the globe. Over 350 prints will be available at just £100 each.

Participating photographers include: Nick Turpin, David Gibson, Maciej Dakowicz, Nils Jorgensen, Mark Alor Powell, Stephen McLaren, Mimi Mollica, Polly Braden and Johanna Neurath. The sale is curated by Sophie Howarth, co-author of Street Photography Now (Thames and Hudson, 2010).

Kevin McCullough, Director of PhotoVoice:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the global street photography community. They really recognise the importance of the work we do giving marginalised people who have typically just been the subject of photographs the opportunity to represent themselves through the images they create.”

Sophie Howarth, organiser of the sale and co-author of Street Photography Now:

“This is a unique opportunity for fans of street photography to buy original work by some of the biggest names in the genre for just £100. Many of the prints are well known images that have never previously been available for purchase, so we’re anticipating a bit of a rush when sales open. Several of the participating photographers have told me they are hoping to buy one anothers’ work, so I think they’ll be among the buyers too.”

Nick Turpin, participating photographer:

“The whole street photography community seems to have got behind this initiative and the quality of work that’s available is staggering. For me it’s both a great opportunity to make street photography affordable, and to show my support for the innovative and important work that PhotoVoice do broadening the base of people who feel empowered to express themselves through photography.”

Buyers will be able to view all the available photographs online at from 4 April. Online sales open at 10am on 11 April.