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PhotoVoice Lecture 2013: Steve Bloom @ Kings Place, April 29th

Steve Bloom’s Africa:
From the apartheid years to Africa today

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Date: Monday 29th April 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Kings Place Hall One
Price: £9.50


Join best-selling author and photographer Steve Bloom as he journeys through the essence and diversity of Africa in this exciting live theatre presentation.

From his early documentary early work in 1970s apartheid South Africa which led to his exile, to his recent monographs Living Africa and Trading Places, the Merchants of Nairobi, Steve shares with the audience this extraordinary continent; through landscapes from desert to jungle, dynamic wildlife, and human life from remote villages to teeming metropolis.

Witness silverback mountain gorillas deep in the rainforest; endangered black rhino drinking at a moonlit waterhole; remote cultures in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley; Mozambican migrant workers toiling in a gold mine three kilometres below ground; and fishermen on the Niger River. In this unforgettable event, Steve captures the diversity of the continent where he grew up, and where he has felt compelled to return throughout his life.

Watch this short video to take a glimpse into Steve’s remarkable journey to the people, places and wildlife of Africa

Monday April 29 PHOTOVOICE LECTURE - KINGS PLACE LONDON - STEVE BLOOM’S AFRICA - From the apartheid years to Africa today