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PhotoVoice at the London Art Fair - how did it go?

London Art Fair 2012 came to an end last Sunday. Read about the highlights of our involvement and listen to the best bits of our panel debate!

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Full of amazing exhibitors, inspiring talks and hidden art treasures(have you seen robots that can draw your portrait or the real time video painting?), this year’s London Art Fair finished last Sunday.

LAF talk

We were delighted by the amount of interest in our work and would like to thank all of you who visited our stall, expressed interest in getting involved, or simply shared their own photographic experiences.

After seeing all the funky stuff at the Fair, PhotoVoice is a breath of fresh air, said a teacher from East London, who was thrilled to get her school involved in our Lookout London touring exhibition (you can too!) and use our Waiting teaching resource (available online).

The BIGGEST thank you goes to our volunteers! Ingrid, Anthony, Pavla, Marc, Susana, Jeni, Ashley and Caroline - you were amazing!


The highlight of our presence at the London Art Fair was the panel debate “Airbrushing the world: Can photography change society?” hosted by PhotoVoice Project Manager, Matt Daw and attended by four amazing photographers.

Listen to the highlights of the talk (order of appearance: Ania Dabrowska, Jess Crombie, Stephen Sidlo and Jenny Matthews)


Is your browser blocking access to this? Download the MP3 file to listen to locally:

Lots of different issues were raised surrounding the main theme - the perpetual discussion on image fatigue (Does it exist or not?), the importance of streaming images into the right audience, or the accountability of photographers, journalists and news agencies (Who is ultimately responsible for using photos out of their original context?).

LAF Talk

Ania Dabrowska, the documentary and fine art photographer, talked about her work with PhotoVoice (World Vision, Lookout London), her eye-opening project on dementia prepared in collaboration with Wellcome Trust, and the importance of historical memory and fighting stigmas.

One day, a man from Lebanon came to me with suitcases full of negatives. He used to be a journalist in his country and was documenting the life and social rituals of his people for nearly 30 years. We need to find a way to preserve it.

Jess Crombie, Head of Film and Photography at Save the Children, recognized the power of images to convey messages.

Stephen Sidlo, the editor of Demotix, a citizen journalism website, and Jenny Matthews, the photojournalist, talked about the danger of using images for manipulation.

Again, thank you all who attended (it was fully booked!) and hope you enjoyed it just as we did, one hour was definitely too short!

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