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Tim Flach gave a superb talk on Monday 5th November

It was a fascinating evening full of the interesting ideas and stories behind Tim’s remarkable images of the ‘Flying Mop’ dog, horses, millipedes, bonobo’s, as well as the cross breed Zorse & Zonkey and many more!

The superb 120+ images that were projected to larger than life size brought us ever closer to other living creatures that Tim has captured so intimately with his camera.Sue Steward was our guide as we discovered the methods and stories behind Tim’s visual exploration of our weird and wonderful relationship to other animals.
The lecture was enjoyed by all those who attended and Tim’s latest book ‘More Than Human’ sold out during the book signing at the end.

Special thanks go to Tim Flach, Sue Steward and Kings Place for putting on such a captivating show, as well as all those who attended.

Tim Flach was born in London, where he works and lives. He graduated from Communications Design at the North East London Polytechnic and then Photography and Painted Structures at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Tim Flach is recognized internationally for his highly conceptual images of animals, with the success of his first two books Equus and >Dogs:Gods. His anthropomorphic images of animals have been shown in galleries, museums and festivals around the world and he has received numerous awards from leading organizations and publications in the photography world. His work has been commissioned by or appeared in publications including: National Geographic, Intelligent Life Magazine (UK), and most recently the November Issue of Creative Review.

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